About Accurate Electrical Contractor Inc

Accurate Electrical and HVAC, Inc. is an electrical and HVAC company based in Fairfield, NJ, offering professional electrical services for commercial and residential properties. With 30+ years of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with superior service, affordable prices, and an enjoyable customer experience. No matter what the issues may be with your electrical system, we have the skills and equipment to properly assess the situation, propose the best solution, and take the appropriate action. We tackle every project hands-on, from the technician on the field to the company owner. Accurate Electrical and HVAC, Inc. is dedicated to making sure that your property's electrical system is in perfect working condition at all times. We also offer 24-hour emergency services for situations that can't be delayed. To get a free estimate, please contact Accurate Electrical and HVAC, Inc. today!